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Characteristics of Granite That Make It the Most Enduring Material for Monument Headstones

Selecting the right raised monument headstone requires careful thought. Not only do you need to determine how high it should be, but you also have to consider the right inscription for the headstone, the style of the headstone and so on. But an important decision that will have a lasting impact on the longevity of your raised monument headstone is the material.

Marble happens to be a popular choice among a majority of mourners since they presume the polished and luxe appearance of this stone will be a fitting way to commemorate the life of their deceased loved one. However, if you want to keep your long-term maintenance costs affordable, you should opt for a material with proven durability, and that is granite. Below are a couple of characteristics of granite that make it the most enduring material for monument headstones.

Mineral composition

Natural stones are made up of minerals. Nonetheless, granite's mineral composition is exceptional since most of the elements all contribute to its inherent strength! A few of the examples of minerals contained in granite are quartz and feldspar. Due to this unique composition, granite has properties that make it highly durable when compared to other natural stone supplies in the market. To begin with, granite will not easily succumb to wear despite being directly exposed to the changing weather patterns.

In addition to this, granite is known for retaining its structural integrity for years since it is inherently robust. Not to mention that as long as you have the granite headstone monument sealed, it will be impervious to moisture and subsequent damage. Therefore, if you are looking to invest in a raised monument headstone that will stand the test of time and memorialise your loved one for generations to come, granite is the right material.

Overall resistance

When selecting the right material for your loved one's monument headstone, it is essential to take into account other external elements that could potentially damage the structure in addition to the inclement weather. What may surprise you about granite is that it is invulnerable to a wide range of possible threats! Firstly, the hard surface of the granite lends it a scratch-resistant quality. Hence, you would not have to be anxious about the monument headstone becoming defaced perhaps by rowdy kids or vandals.

Secondly, granite is a heat resistant stone! This quality will be particularly crucial if the cemetery you have chosen is located in a region that experiences bush fires on occasion. Furthermore, the heat resistance keeps the granite monument headstone free from blisters or other forms of heat damage due to direct sun exposure.