Why Hiring a Funeral Director Is Always Recommended

Not all funerals today are conducted in churches or other religious buildings as not everyone is associated with a religion. Other individuals may have expressed a desire for a very simple funeral, perhaps something that even involves volunteer activity rather than a standard funeral service. Whatever your reasons for avoiding a religious funeral service with clergy conducting the ceremony, note a few reasons why you still want to consider hiring a funeral director to assist you through the process of planning and conducting a funeral of any sort. [Read More]

Three frugal funeral tips for low income earners

Dying is expensive, and for low income earners, the prospect of leaving family members with funeral and burial or cremation costs is a serious source of anxiety. If you're worried about the cost of death, check out these three frugal funeral tips for low income earners. Life is what happens while making other plans Funeral arrangements are usually made by loved ones in a state of high emotions, and frugal decision making can be difficult while mourning. [Read More]

What to Do With Flowers After a Funeral Service

When a loved one passes, you might receive more flowers than you know what to do with. After the funeral service is over, how should you handle all these bouquets? It doesn't seem right to simply throw them away. Luckily, there are plenty of wonderful ways you can use flowers after the funeral, from donating them to having them turned into a permanent memorial item. Read on for four lovely ideas. [Read More]

Four things to consider for cemetery restoration

As people's interest in genealogy and history grows, more people are visiting history graves and cemeteries.  These give insight in both family history and that of your local area or Australia as a whole. Unfortunately, many of these sites have been poorly maintained and the ravages of times are showing.  While it has long been of interest overseas, cemetery restoration is now drawing attention in Australia. Before you become involved in cemetery restoration consider the four tips below to ensure you respect the past and don't do more harm than good. [Read More]