What to Do With Flowers After a Funeral Service

When a loved one passes, you might receive more flowers than you know what to do with. After the funeral service is over, how should you handle all these bouquets? It doesn't seem right to simply throw them away. Luckily, there are plenty of wonderful ways you can use flowers after the funeral, from donating them to having them turned into a permanent memorial item. Read on for four lovely ideas. [Read More]

Four things to consider for cemetery restoration

As people's interest in genealogy and history grows, more people are visiting history graves and cemeteries.  These give insight in both family history and that of your local area or Australia as a whole. Unfortunately, many of these sites have been poorly maintained and the ravages of times are showing.  While it has long been of interest overseas, cemetery restoration is now drawing attention in Australia. Before you become involved in cemetery restoration consider the four tips below to ensure you respect the past and don't do more harm than good. [Read More]

Unique Ideas for Personalizing a Funeral Service

Planning a funeral can be very difficult and very detailed, but you don't want to overlook the importance of this planning. Personalizing those funeral services can show more regard for the deceased and make the event more comfortable and welcoming for those who attend, so note a few unique ideas for doing this, whether pre-planning your own funeral or arranging one for someone else: Using colour Yellow and orange are bright and cheerful, and red is often associated with romance, so these colours are usually avoided for funeral flowers and decor. [Read More]

4 Myths and Misconceptions About Funerals

Chances are that very few people like to think about funerals, and how to plan one properly. However, funerals are a necessary part of life, and they give surviving friends and relatives time to grieve and pay their respects, and may also provide them with a sense of closure. If you need to plan a funeral for someone or are preplanning your own final arrangements, note a few myths and misconceptions about these events so that the process is much easier on you and everyone else involved. [Read More]