Organising A Greek Orthodox Funeral

Unique Ideas for Personalizing a Funeral Service

Planning a funeral can be very difficult and very detailed, but you don't want to overlook the importance of this planning. Personalizing those funeral services can show more regard for the deceased and make the event more comfortable and welcoming for those who attend, so note a few unique ideas for doing this, whether pre-planning your own funeral or arranging one for someone else:

Using colour

Yellow and orange are bright and cheerful, and red is often associated with romance, so these colours are usually avoided for funeral flowers and decor. However, you don't need to opt only for white flowers and some greenery when choosing funeral flowers; choose deep purple or blue blooms, or you add just a few soft pink, light yellow, or other such coloured flowers in arrangements, to make them unique without seeming disrespectful of the event.

Give something memorable

If you have the budget for it, you might give funeral goers something very memorable and that honours the deceased. For example, hand out a paperback of their favourite book, or a DVD of their favourite movie. If they loved gardening, you might give away a collection of seed packets, tied with a thick, colourful ribbon. If you're not sure of what to hand out, consider a small framed photo of the deceased for all the guests.

Personalize the casket

Many persons planning a funeral pay top dollar for a heavy casket made of expensive hardwood, but consider a personalized casket instead. A simple wood casket can have a nice saying or poem added to the side. You might also allow room for friends and loved ones to write messages on the coffin, with a marker, paint pens, or the like. A custom coffin maker can paint the casket with a paint that allows for writing, or even paint it in a bold colour, such as red, white, or another favourite colour of the deceased.

Personalize the program

Most funerals will have a program that lists any and all persons who will speak during the service, as well as naming any music played, the location of the funeral home and cemetery, and so on. You can personalize this program with any information you want to include about the deceased, including a story about their life and their family history. Add photos, their favourite poem, or whatever else would make the program a true memento of their life and one that guests will appreciate taking home with them.

Contact local funeral homes for more information and assistance.