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Four Signs You Should Choose a Pre-Paid Funeral

Pre-paying for your funeral is a good, responsible choice for many reasons, from helping your family to getting control over your funeral. This article lays out four signs that a pre-paid funeral is ideal for you.

You Have the Money Now, But Might Not Later

The first reason to choose a pre-paid funeral is if you currently have the money to afford the funeral you want, but feel that you might not later. It's hard to predict what will happen in life, so pre-paying for your funeral means that you've dealt with it and it's sorted, even if you don't have much money by the time you pass away. This will give you peace of mind and you're sure to feel you've made a sensible decision.

You Feel Your Family Will Struggle to Afford A Funeral

The second reason is to take some pressure off your family. If you feel that they might struggle to afford a funeral, or not be able to afford the funeral you want and feel guilty about that, it's a good idea to pre-pay for your funeral. Let them know when you've paid that it's all paid for, so they know exactly what to do. This is a lovely way to help your family avoid stress and financial strain at a difficult time.

You're Worried About Rising Costs

You might also be worried about the rising costs of a funeral. It can feel like the prices of everything are going up, and though you can afford the cost of your chosen funeral now, it's impossible to predict how much it will cost in the future. If you want to avoid rising costs, pre-paying for your funeral will lock in the price at the current cost.

You Want Control Over Your Funeral

Finally, you might pre-pay for your funeral because you want control over it. For example, you might want to decide between burial and cremation beforehand, and write it into your pre-paid funeral arrangements. If you're not sure, Sunlife has a great article outlining the pros and cons of each option. You might also want a certain location, reading, or music, or have something you don't want, such as flowers or prayer. Whatever the case, a pre-paid funeral allows you to carefully plan what you want.

Whether you want to make a smart financial choice, save your family some stress, control your funeral or simply take advantage of current prices, pre-paying for a funeral is an easy, efficient way to achieve your goals.

Reach out to a local funeral home to learn more about pre-paid funeral arrangements.