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A Guide On How To Plan A Memorial

Are you planning to hold a memorial? It could be you lost a loved one in the recent past. Most families are often conflicted over how to hold memorials for their loved ones. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to plan a memorial service. 

Assess The Deceased's Wishes

The deceased wishes should be at the core of the memorial ceremony. Therefore, conduct a thorough analysis to establish how best to remember their life and times. For instance, what were their interests and hobbies? You could invite their favourite band to play at the memorial. Alternatively, you could hold cultural rites if the deceased respected their culture. 

Choose A Venue And Memorial Date

Your next task is to settle on a venue or date. Several factors determine the venue of the memorial ceremony. First, you could choose a location that rekindles the deceased memories. For instance, you could hold the event on a golf course if the deceased enjoyed golf. You could also hold the event at a race track if your loved one enjoyed racing. Second, you could consider convenience. This is especially important if you intend to invite many guests. The venue should be accessible and have essential amenities like parking and washrooms. Finally, you could assess family traditions. For example, some families have a culture of holding memories at home or places of worship. 

Prepare The Event Program 

Prepare the event program to avoid confusion on the day of. Ideally, the event should have a theme to help guests remember the life and times of the deceased. Divide the program into several segments and decide the activities under each phase. For instance, the first stage could be the introduction. The activities in this stage could be a welcoming speech and a meet and greet with family members. Who will officiate the ceremony? The best practice would be to find a celebrant or a senior family member to officiate. Moreover, be cautious when choosing guest speakers. They should not be too many. Otherwise, the event could take many hours. Besides, each speech should have a time limit to prevent guests from veering off the theme. 

Send Invites 

Create a list of guests to invite. The event invite should be sent several weeks before the event. This way, guests can confirm their attendance and inquire about the event. The event invite must be concise. For instance, include a map to direct guests to the venue. You should also inform them about the dress code and include the event program to ensure they arrive on time. 

For more information on memorials, contact a professional near you.