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What to Do With Flowers After a Funeral Service

When a loved one passes, you might receive more flowers than you know what to do with. After the funeral service is over, how should you handle all these bouquets? It doesn't seem right to simply throw them away. Luckily, there are plenty of wonderful ways you can use flowers after the funeral, from donating them to having them turned into a permanent memorial item. Read on for four lovely ideas.

Donate Them to a Local Hospital or Home

If you don't have room to use all the flowers that have been given to you and your family, consider donating them to a good cause nearby. Many funeral homes have links with local hospitals, nursing homes and hospices and can arrange for your flowers to be transported there. This is a lovely way to honour the life of the person who has passed while bringing a little joy to others in need. If your loved one was cared for at a hospital or home nearby, think about donating there.

Place Them on Your Loved One's Grave 

Saving flowers to place on your loved one's grave is a popular choice, but it might not feel practical. If it's easier, save a few flowers from each bouquet, or save only the most significant bouquets to place on your loved one's grave. There's no rule saying you have to do the same thing with all the flowers you have, so don't worry about only displaying some on the grave.

Dry Them to Create Potpourri 

Most flowers won't last that long while they're alive, so drying them to make homemade potpourri is a nice way to preserve them. You'll be able to hold onto all the special memories and intentions behind each bouquet without having a house full of wilting flowers. Once the potpourri is ready, consider dividing it up between friends and relatives so everyone gets to keep something special.

Have Petals Made into Memorial Jewellery

There are companies that specialise in turning flower petals into beautiful pieces of memorial jewellery. This is a lovely way to immortalise flowers and create a special piece with a strong meaning. You could choose your loved one's favourite colour or type of flower and have a meaningful quote inscribed onto the piece. Creating matching memorial jewellery for different members of the family is a lovely way to recognise the impact your relative had on all your lives.