Organising A Greek Orthodox Funeral

Why Hiring a Funeral Director Is Always Recommended

Not all funerals today are conducted in churches or other religious buildings as not everyone is associated with a religion. Other individuals may have expressed a desire for a very simple funeral, perhaps something that even involves volunteer activity rather than a standard funeral service. Whatever your reasons for avoiding a religious funeral service with clergy conducting the ceremony, note a few reasons why you still want to consider hiring a funeral director to assist you through the process of planning and conducting a funeral of any sort.

Local laws

In some areas, there are local laws that need to be followed that regulate how the remains of a deceased person can be handled. For example, you may or may not be able to bury those remains on your own private property. These types of laws will vary from location to location and may be affected by the size of a property, the zoning in that area and the like.

If you want a long procession of cars to a grave site or other area or are planning a very large gathering on any type of public grounds, such as a local park or forest, you may need a permit. Funeral directors will be familiar with those laws and will ensure that you are compliant no matter your plans for a funeral for the deceased person.


There is much paperwork that is prepared after someone's death. This is needed to make claim to their estate and life insurance policies and for handling the deceased person's finances. A funeral director will be familiar with how a death certificate is received and whose signature is needed to make it official and legal, and they can help you with any other paperwork that might be needed to proceed with a burial, cremation, reading of the will, etc.

Keeping it orderly

Like a wedding, birthday party or other event that involves lots of family and friends, it can be difficult to plan a funeral without everyone wanting a say in how the event unfolds and wanting to have a part in it. This can make things very chaotic and stressful, but a funeral director can sometimes step in and play referee, noting time limitations for events, what is considered appropriate during a funeral and more. This can alleviate some stress from the person making the plans and ensure the funeral ceremony is orderly and respectful.