Organising A Greek Orthodox Funeral

Why It's Important for You to Make Early Plans for a Funeral

Most people understand that major life events take a great deal of preparation. They know that they will need several months to prepare for a wedding, for example, as they choose venues, plan the service, send out the invites and book the honeymoon. Other life events can be similarly complex and will attract a fair amount of effort and energy to make sure that they are "just right." However, there is one particular life event that people avoid like the plague and don't want to think about until they absolutely have to. Of course, this is the funeral service, and while it's very difficult to address, it demands its own form of preparation upfront where possible. Why should you look at this now?

Grasping the Nettle

If somebody very dear to your heart is getting old or infirm, then you know that the day of their passing may be on the horizon. You need to give them an appropriate, memorable and loving ceremony, and this does require a good deal of effort in the planning stages. Often, people need to deal with this when they are emotionally fraught and may not be in the best frame of mind to do this properly. Consequently, it makes sense to make preparations in advance to avoid such difficulties.

Details in the Will

Some people will include the funeral details in their last will and testament, but not everyone will as they may think that this document is meant to provide instructions to the executor of the estate. If it's appropriate, talk with the elderly relative to see if they want any of their wishes to be taken into account right now.

Family Input

While you do this, chat with other members of your family so that they can help you to focus on the details and program the funeral service. If there are any disagreements, you need to get them out into the open now so you can smooth everything over and avoid issues on the day.

Addressing Costs

There are certain costs attached to a funeral service, including the cost of burial or cremation, the funeral home and the director. You need to gather these details together so that you have up-to-date figures and can be ready for the expenditure. It's possible to prepay for your funeral, and you may be able to attract some savings if you do so. Just remember, some people think that life insurance proceeds can help them pay for funeral expenditure, but these matters may not be settled in time, and in any case, some of the funds could be used for end-of-life care instead.

Start the Ball Rolling

Begin by talking with your funeral home to hash out some details. They will be able to give you some direct advice to help you plan and will then be able to take the lead when that fateful day eventually arrives.