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Why Granite Should Be the Only Material You Consider for Your Loved One's Headstone

Headstones are some of the most common markers used for a gravesite since these monuments have been around for centuries. In past decades, the most common materials chosen for headstones typically included stone, slate and so on. However, over the years, there has been an increased interest in headstones made from durable materials, one of which is granite. While bronze and marble are some of the most popular materials for people looking for a luxe headstone, granite is steadily becoming a top option for the reasons illuminated below.

Visual impact 

The headstone you choose for your loved one's gravesite functions to add visual interest. However, some materials may be attractive at the onset only to degrade progressively once exposed to moisture, sunshine and so on. Granite is a great option since this material is robust and will not succumb to weather changes. Additionally, granite comes in an array of different shades and not only in black. Hence, you can choose a granite headstone that is speckled with flecks of other colours such as gold, blue and even green, and these flecks make the headstone more interesting to look at. Lastly, since granite is quarried, you are guaranteed that your loved one's headstone will never resemble any other on the planet!

Lasting endurance

The second reason why granite should be the material you gravitate towards when designing your deceased loved one's headstone is for its lasting endurance. Marble is one of the most eye-catching materials that is used for headstones, and if you have the money, then you may be thinking of choosing that stone. However, marble is bound to develop cosmetic damages in the short-term and will eventually crack or shatter due to the constant exposure to the elements. Although granite may not be as stunning as marble, you can get gorgeous yet durable grades in the small-grain variety. This type of granite is alluring and strong enough to resist degradation. The main thing to note s that granite is vulnerable to weathering, so you should provide the headstone with scheduled upkeep.

Simple upkeep

As mentioned above, granite will need to be maintained. Fortunately, maintenance is quite simple. While the headstone may steadily becoming covered in lichens, bird droppings, sap or even moss, all these substances can easily be eliminated with some soap and water! Therefore, as long as you engage in the required maintenance, the headstone will be pristine for the long term.