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Capturing Your Loved One in a Headstone Inscription

After the loss of a loved one, you may still be grieving, making it a little difficult and daunting deciding the perfect words to put on your loved one's grave headstone. Traditionally, most people just include the name of the deceased, date of birth, date of death, and a simple verse or saying such as Rest in Peace (R.I.P). People have also broken with tradition, including sayings that actually depict a picture of who really their loved one was. The inscription could reflect the deceased's relationship with others or his or her career, hobbies, and even emotions towards the dead. Whichever the words you choose, you can have them put in a unique way. The following is more insight on how you can do this.

Let You Inscriptions Be Done Artistically

You can have the inscription customised according to what you prefer. You can have the headstones engraved with things the deceased loved or with a drawing of his or her image. Whichever you choose, it will provide a unique drawing by an artist that will be appealing to all those who cared about the departed.

Consider a Coded Inscription

A coded message on a headstone could be wordings that only family members and other people close to the deceased can understand. The coded message can be derived from various scenarios; for instance, it could be derived from a hangout place that your loved one frequented during the weekends to have fun and relax.

Make It Funny

It may sound unusual, but a joke about what your loved one liked is a great and unique idea. Amid the sadness and grief, it could be the happiest way to remember your deceased family member or friend. However, while creating the joke, make sure that it is something that will sound okay and cause no bitterness to anyone close to the dead or anyone who cared about him or her.

It Could Be Words from a Song or Poem

Songs evoke people's emotions and thoughts. Therefore, you can think of writing part of a song or poem on the grave of your loved one. It can be a song he or she loved or a song that brings out his or her emotions and thoughts on particular topics.

Any time you need funeral home services, you can visit a reputable funeral home; besides preserving your deceased's dead body and offering other funeral related services, they could advise you on the perfect headstone inscription.

For more information, contact a funeral home.