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Top Features to Look for in a Modern Funeral Chapel

One characteristic of funeral homes is that they are generational; therefore, they are known for maintaining service standards that have been in existence for decades. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is critical to note that times have changed. Clients want more than space where they can hold a funeral service as a final goodbye to the deceased. If you recently lost a loved one, you should consider a modern funeral chapel. Most importantly, modern funeral chapels serve the needs of the contemporary customer. This article highlights essential features to look for in a contemporary funeral chapel.

Live Streaming of Funeral Services

Just like weddings, funerals bring family and friends together. However, there are only so many people that a funeral chapel can hold at any given time. This can be a problem for a big and close-knit family that wants to be part of a funeral service. While the family members in attendance can record the funeral service for the rest to watch from home, a recorded version might not provide closure. A modern funeral home should provide a way for family and friends to be part of a service as and when it is happening. This is possible thanks to the live streaming capabilities of social media and website platforms. Therefore, loved ones who cannot attend a funeral service in person because they are thousands of kilometres away can log into a funeral home's website or social media page and watch live proceedings.

Digital Program

Paper programs are common in funeral chapels, and they give attendees a chance to read, in person, about the life of the deceased. However, paper programs cost money, and you have to print a few copies even if you are on a budget. Besides, what do you do with paper programs once a funeral service is over? The chances are high that most funeral attendees will leave the printouts in a chapel pew or garbage bin. The best way to save money and still make a program and obituary available to everybody is to choose a chapel that displays information on digital platforms. This can be achieved by installing tablets or HD screens around a chapel.

Immersive Technology

Traditional funeral chapels can be predictable at times because they pride themselves in keeping traditions and rich history. However, with the current and emerging trends in technology, there is no reason why funeral directors cannot leverage immersive technology. The best thing about the innovation is that any surface can be transformed into a display. For instance, immersive technology can use chapel walls as displays units and turn a funeral service into an immersive ceremony. A chapel can display videos or favourite landscapes of the deceased during a funeral service.

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