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What You May Not Know About Broadcast Funeral Services

Broadcast funeral services or webcasting funeral services have become an increasingly popular option for several reasons. One of the reasons is to allow family members who cannot normally attend a funeral to attend from any location in the world. Though many people do understand the basics of funeral webcasting, they may not understand all of the aspects. Here are a few things you may not know about broadcast funeral services that can make a difference regarding if you choose this option for your loved one.

Multiple Participants

In a traditional funeral service, there are speakers from the family. These family members and friends usually talk about memories of the loved one or something from the loved one's life. You may believe that this will not be an option if you choose to do a webcast. The truth is you can still have this option and have multiple speakers rather than just a handful. With certain funeral webcasting software, different family members and friends around the world can arrive at the funeral during the webcasting time and can choose to speak directly to the other viewers of the webcast. This works much in the same way as a cam to cam, conference, or FaceTime options.

Archive Viewing

Due to work restrictions, scheduling, and other events, some family and friends may not be able to attend during the live portion of the webcast. However, broadcast funeral services do allow for archiving of the service. This means that your funeral home would be able to save and archive the service so that anyone unable to attend initially could attend at any time. A password or some other form of secure access is usually provided to the family and the family would then supply that information to the viewer. 

Memorial Responses

Another aspect you may not know about funeral webcasting or broadcast funeral services is that memorial responses and financial gifts can be left as well. These memorials can stay attached to the funeral service webcast. They can also scroll along the bottom of the screen during the cast or in a side chat room.  This allows members of the family and friends to leave memorial comments for the family to see live or following the livestream in an archived viewing. 

If you are interested in having a broadcast funeral service or a webcast of a funeral service, contact your funeral director. They will let you know if there are any options available and what you need to know about ordering this type of service as an addition to the funeral plan.