Organising A Greek Orthodox Funeral

Why You Should Consider What Funeral Preparations You Want Before Someone Has Passed Away

It is never easy to try and picture a funeral and how it should look like while a loved one is still alive. Putting this off until it actually comes to pass is very common, but this also leaves people in the lurch and struggling to make arrangements while making sure to remember everything. The very last thing you want is to forget an important part of the funeral and have that memory associated with what should be a solemn day of mourning. Here are a few things you should keep in mind about funeral preparations so that you are ready to act no matter when tragedy strikes.

Open Or Closed Casket

If you are going to have an open-casket funeral, then the body will need to be embalmed for health and safety reasons, as well as to make sure it is in a fit state to be seen by close family and friends. Decomposition happens quite quickly, and the only way to prevent this is to do so with embalming. There is no way for people to tell that a body has been embalmed during the open casket funeral, and the body will look completely natural in every way, so there is no need to worry about it being respectful or not. The process is done with the utmost grace at all times.

What You Would Like Buried With Them

If you are choosing a burial then you need to think of a few things, namely:

  • Are you going to get new clothes for them or use a suit or dress they loved very much that you still have in your possession?
  • What mementos do they want to be buried with? This can be anything from a photo of the family to a lucky charm in their wallet to items of religious importance.
  • Are you going to bury them among family members, in a plot or by themselves? This needs to be organised as soon as possible, but most people already have these done years in advance.

Finding A Suitable Funeral Home

Good funeral homes will walk you through every step of the process, including all the items mentioned above. Trying to organise a funeral last minute, however, can be tricky even for them. That is why most people try and decide little things in advance, such as the type of coffin, service (religious or not) and location. These major structures mean that everything else can be fit into them nicely and help those who remain to carry out the wishes more accurately. Good funeral homes help you plan and execute funerals with respect and precision that you would want in such a traumatic time. 

Contact a local funeral home to learn more about how to make funeral preparations.