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5 Steps for Ordering a Headstone for Your Deceased Loved One

One of the many things that you might have to do after losing a loved one is order a customised headstone for them. If this is something that you still need to get done, then you might be wondering which steps you will need to take. These are the five steps that you will need to follow when ordering a headstone for your deceased loved one.

1. Contact the Cemetery

If you have not done so already, you should contact the cemetery where your loved one will be buried. Alternatively, look over the paperwork that the facility might have given you when you purchased a burial plot or made arrangements for your loved one's burial. Then, find out about the size of the headstone that you need to have made based on the requirements, standards and plot sizes at the cemetery. Additionally, find out about any rules that the cemetery has about the type of headstone that you can order, such as style, material or design. You will need all of this information when it's time for you to order a customised headstone.

2. Think About Your Loved One's Final Wishes

Next, think about the things that your loved one might have told you or left in their final paperwork about their headstone. For example, sometimes people want to have a certain quote added to their headstone, and keeping this type of thing in mind can help you ensure that you honour your loved one's wishes. 

3. Talk to Your Family Members

In addition to keeping your deceased loved one's wishes in mind when ordering their customised headstone, you probably want to do what you can to make your other family members happy, too. Therefore, consult with your family members to see if they have opinions about what your loved one's headstone should look like or say.

4. Check Your Budget

Headstones can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Therefore, budget does matter, and it's definitely something you will need to consider when choosing the material that will be used to make the headstone, the size of the headstone and more.

5. Find Out About Your Options

Once you have chosen a company that you want to purchase your loved one's headstone from, talk together about the things that you have done and figured out in the above steps, and ask them about your options for ordering a headstone. They will let you know about the different materials that they can use to make the headstone, and they can show you a few design ideas. This should make it a little bit easier for you to order the right headstone for your loved one. Plus, the sooner that you talk to someone from one of these companies, the sooner they can get started with making your loved one's headstone.